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At Framingham Chiropractor you will benefit from our 36 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of Chiropractic. Most Insurance Plans Accepted.


Who We Treat:

Back and Neck Pain:

Pain that occurs in the back and neck is very common. Many people have stiffness, tightness, and general discomfort when it comes to certain areas of the neck and spine. Often time these symptoms and conditions can be relieved with simple and effective chiropractic treatments over time. Chiropractic is an accumulative treatment. Just as working out your muscles more often will get you stronger, frequent chiropractic treatments to your problem areas can help provide long lasting benefits. Most treatments offered by Framingham Chiropractor are covered by your insurance. Learn more about back and neck pain or give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Sports Injuries:


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Dr Garian and his staff has been serving the Metro West communities of Boston and Framingham for over 30 years. Dedication to patient care and well-being is the number one priority for Dr Garian and his staff at Framingham Chiropractor. “Our mission is to serve our patients and dedicate ourselves to helping them live a healthy and pain free life.” Over the years of working as a Chiropractor Dr Garian has seen and treated it all. There are very few injuries that involve the spine that we cannot deal with. In most cases, we can help patients achieve their goals of living pain free simply by implementing a regimen of Chiropractic care and wellness living.

Living in pain is a terrible way to be, and no pain is more debilitating or discouraging than back pain. For those who are living with back or neck pain. they know just how uncomfortable it can be. However, suffering with this pain does not need to be a way of life. Through the use of Chiropractic treatments such as Chiropractic Adjustment – People are discovering that they can live pain free and in many cases avoid dangerous and risky surgery. The staff at Framingham Chiropractor is dedicated to helping people achieve a pain free life through the use of Chiropractic treatments. If you live in the Boston or Framingham area and are considering Chiropractic as a way of finding relief from your pain, we encourage you to come visit our beautiful and amazing facility at:
657 Franklin St. Framingham, MA 01702. We are here most days of the week and are ready to serve our patients at times and hours that are convenient for them. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today: 508-879-9458