Instrument adjusting. The best Chiropractic treatment?

Framingham Chiro uses instrument adjusting

Technology advances the administration of healthcare throughout the world. The same goes for innovations in the field of Chiropractic. In the same way lasers have replaced scalpels in some surgeries, advanced technology is also available to chiropractors. Instrument adjusting technology such as the IQ Impulse Adjuster, used by Dr Richard Garian of Framingham Chiropractor, changes how chiropractors will deliver chiropractic adjustments.

A tremendous amount of research has been conducted on the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of instrument adjusting over manual adjusting. As newer and more advanced technology emerges just as in the fields of surgery and drugs, in Chiropractic, Instrument adjusting can be seen as more precise more effective and also efficient than the standard “manual adjustment”. This information is not new to Chiropractors, and only recently has the demand for instrument adjusting been increased to a level in which more and more patients are asking for instrument assisted adjustments from their Chiropractor.

Instrument adjusting can be more effective due to the fact that it can apply greater forces over smaller areas. In order for a manual adjustment to be able to apply the same pressure as an instrument assisted method, it would have to apply either 1. a greater force over a given area or the same force over a smaller area. The instrument allows the Chiropractor to be more accurate in their techniques thereby improving the treatment that’s provided.

A recent web article about the benefits of Chiropractic adjustment through the use of “instrument adjusting” found that this type of Chiropractic adjustment was the most effective, “especially for those suffering from more than one condition”. It was also highlighted that one group of individuals who found this type of treatment beneficial were Veterans. The VA allows for and encourages service members to get chiropractic treatments as part of their overall health regiment. At Framingham Chiropractor, we couldn’t agree more. Not only are we big advocates in the use of instrument adjusting along with manual manipulation but we are also tremendous supports of veterans and military service members. In fact Framingham Chiropractor Dr Richard Garian employs veterans directly in his practice in Framingham, MA. What are the differences between a manual adjustment and an instrument adjustment?
Framingham Chiropractor uses instrument adjusting to help patients recover from back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. Those interested in learning more about this type of chiropractic treatment should contact our office in Framingham, MA.