Running, your New Years Resolution

Framingham Chiropractor treats running injuries with chiropractic

Did you make a new years resolution this year? Like so many people, most of us make resolutions to become healthier and get into better shape. Often the best way to get in shape is to start a running routine. No matter what your condition, running can be a great way to improve your fitness level. But for beginner runners especially and experienced runners as well, injury is a very real scenario if you are not properly informed or prepared to challenge your body with running.

Framingham Chiropractor is a certified Sports Physician in the Framingham area. Here are a few tips for runners that are a simple and easy way to start the year off right! Let’s say that you are new to running and have decided that the 2015 new year is a great time to start running. We all know most New Year’s resolutions are often short-lived. However, with the proper preparations and attainable goals, you can stay focused, injury free and on your way to a new you in no time!

One major key in getting started with running to set “easy” and attainable goals at the outset. If you think about running a marathon before being able to complete 3 miles, your mind is going to discourage you and tell you that a marathon is too hard and that the 26.2 miles it takes to complete a marathon will be just too difficult. At Framingham Chiropractor we recommend making your running goals realistic. Also, you’ll want to have an honest discussion with yourself about your experience level as a runner. Many people will go too quickly from having almost no activity in their day to day, to all of a sudden trying to run long distances. This is not recommended. If you are truly dedicated to making a change in your fitness level through running, than the best thing you can do for yourself is to start off easy. Don’t rush things. For example, if you think you can run 2 or 3 miles in your first jog of the year, instead just run 1 mile. The key to having success with this lifestyle is to build into it slowly. If you are choosing to make running part of your daily routines, then don’t rush it. There’s plenty of time to achieve your goals. If you go out too quick, you will get hurt, end up taking off too much time and the routine and will be broken and harder to return to. The number one reason people get hurt running is due to increasing the run distance too quickly.

Running injury will be the biggest factor that limits your ability to maintain a new years running resolutions. People have the idea in their mind that they are going to do something and as a result, they often don’t listen to their body and end up pushing through pain and injury which will cause greater injury and derail your goals of getting into running.

Framingham Chiropractor suggests that new runners start off easy with a new running routine. Instead of focusing on how far you can run, focus on how fast. Instead of running 3or 4 miles at an easy pace. Try running just one mile at a challenging speed. Running should be fun! Once you feel like to have mastered a quick 1 mile, then try for 2. When getting into a running routine less is more. If you ensure that you are building a solid foundation then you can work on incrementally increasing your pace and distance. Also remember that your running abilities will not increase linearly. There will be interruptions, soreness, fatigue and illness, and a myriad of other interruptions that life tends to throw at us. But if you can set realistic and long term goals, you will see greater success in your running career.

For the times in which you do feel hurt or injured, be sure to come see us at Framingham Chiropractor. We are certified sports physicians and through the use of chiropractic treatments, we will help you heal quickly and get back on track sooner and with better results.